Our History

When we started in 2007, viewing the clean economy as a key driver of growth was just a vague idea. Since then, growing the clean economy has evolved from a theory into a movement—and a proven method for spurring investment and innovation and growing the economy. Along the way, the Clean Economy Solutions team has built a name for itself as a proven player.

Clean Economy Solutions got its start with generous support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. In our pilot phase, when we were called the Climate Prosperity Project, we helped metro regions accelerate their clean economies: St. Louis, Denver, Silicon ValleyPortland, Oregon and the State of Delaware.

We developed and ground-tested custom strategies and tactics that have helped each of these metro regions establish themselves as clean-economy leaders. Now, as Clean Economy Solutions, we are bringing these proven, replicable and scalable methods to other metro regions across the country.

Through our work, we have also developed a network of well-connected site-selection consultants, business contacts, economic development professionals, venture capitalists, and private equity sources. And we have worked with dozens of generous executives and institutions who have informed our organization’s growth and evolution.

To quote John May, Managing Director of Stern Brothers, “Clean Economy Solutions can be a huge resource for strategic investors, unlike anything in the marketplace. That’s the primary reason that a lot of smart people are working on the project.”

What was once the glimmer of an idea is now a reality. The clean economy is the next great growth sector for forward-looking metro regions. And Clean Economy Solutions continues to help regions maximize their clean economy opportunities by envisioning how they can grow, charting a roadmap for getting there, and bringing their clean-economy plans to prosperous fruition.